GP Sayings

Below are a selection of GlumPuppet sayings we think may come in handy for you for all sorts of occasions. They may even become famous slogans, urban jargon, fortune cookie fortunes (add lucky numbers), cliches or great pick-up lines. Can you name which video they’re from?:

Brussel sprouts make me sad

Winter is cancelled, small folk bitches!

It’s dark under a record, yes

Dogs are quite hirsute

Sleep tight, don’t let the deer ticks bite; you’ll get Lyme

Hi, I’m Wil Wheaton. We’re friends ‘n’ stuff

Some old girlfriends are now dead. Others enjoy pancakes

Have a potato!

Yentl is 2 hours long, she couldn’t spare you 3 minutes?!

Another long day at the beret factory