GlumPuppet, a Connecticut based duo (Drosh & Lana Peck), bills itself as “esoteric modern vaudeville.” Performing member Lana Peck describes the entertainment as “general silliness” suited to adult audiences. The group uses video, music, puppets and spoken word to celebrate such cultural favorites as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Blade Runner, Star Trek, Dr. Who and more. 

GlumPuppet began as a collaborative video channel on YouTube with founding members, Drosh, Lana and Jim Clark. Sadly, Jim passed away in 2013, but his videos and the channel live on. Since then, Drosh and Lana added a live music performance aspect to the project, where they incorporate a backdrop of videos from the channel, as well as costumed characters, Nosecrops and Ravenman.

Contact: us@glumpuppet.com